Family Volunteer Program

Volunteer Program

Volunteering is a long-standing tradition at Trinity Catholic School. Participation in the Volunteer Program allows all families to be involved in the life of the school. It also helps offset thousands of dollars that would otherwise come out of our budget. There will be many opportunities this year to offer either your time, talent, or financial support outside of your tuition. Regardless of your tuition commitment, all families are required to complete, and record 20 volunteer hours every year. Failure to volunteer will result in a $200 fee or $10 per hour unfulfilled.

It is our expectation that every family assists with the Auction, Cow/Pony Plop, Day in Motion, and the annual Campaign for Excellence. Throughout the year, families will be notified via email or the Thursday bulletin of volunteer opportunities to help you fulfill your volunteer commitment. Further information will be discussed at your registration appointment.

For families struggling to meet the time commitment, donating unused gift cards can count for hours. Gift card donations replace volunteer hours ($10 = 1 hour). These cards will be used within the Trinity Community.

Other daily programs, such as serving lunches or working in our library, are enriched by your presence in our school, assisting with the education of children. All volunteers must have a valid Code of Conduct certificate to serve within the school building in contact with students.

Volunteer opportunities are listed on Sign-Up Genius. Opportunities are updated frequently, so please utilize the link to select options that work for your family. All volunteer hours must be logged into Sycamore.

2021-2022 Volunteer Opportunities:


To Log your volunteer hours:

  1. Log into your Sycamore account.
  2. Go to the MY SCHOOL TAB
  6. Select Opportunity From Drop Down Menu.
  7. Pick Opportunity
  8. Add the hours worked
  9. Submit

Possible Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Volunteer coordinator
  • Volunteer data entry
  • Crossing guard
  • Tutor
  • Data entry
  • Snow removal / deicing
  • School cleaning tasks
  • Yearbook
  • Landscape maintenance
  • Transportation of designated items
  • Classroom parent
  • Library assistant
  • Phone call reminders
  • Laminating teacher’s items
  • Home and school activities (Halloween carnival, Bingo)
  • Carpenter work
  • Litter control
  • Daytime errands
  • Office mailings
  • Envelope stuffing