School Safety

Supervision of Children

Children are supervised in the building and on the playground during school hours.  Children cannot be supervised before and after school hours; therefore, children arriving prior to the 8:20 a.m. bell  and/or remaining on school grounds after 3:00 p.m. will be sent to Educare.

Fire Drills

One fire drill is conducted at an unannounced time during each month except in inclement, severe weather.  (State Law 476.28.280)  All persons must leave the school in a quick, quiet and orderly fashion.  After the children have evacuated the building and have assembled at their assigned places, each teacher calls roll to account for each pupil of his or her classroom.  A report is made to the principal.  For obvious reasons, talking is not allowed during a fire drill.


Winter holds special dangers all its own.  No snowballs are allowed on school grounds for any reason.   Children are not allowed to break icicles on trees or buildings.  Any form of ski-jogging is strictly prohibited.  During winter, students are encouraged to be extra careful.

Telephone / Cell Phones

Except for an emergency, neither teachers nor pupils are called to the phone during the school day. Cell phones are not to be seen or heard during the school day and until students are on the sidewalk waiting for their ride.  Cell phones may be kept for a period of time in the school office if necessary.