Student Services


Student Accident Insurance coverage is OPTIONAL on the part of the parent.  There will NOT be AUTOMATIC coverage for school accidents or for sports.

Hot Lunch Program

The price of lunch is $3.75 for students and $4.50 for adults. This includes milk. Students with a cold lunch may purchase milk for $0.50 a carton. Kindergarten children are considered to be in Educare if staying after 11:45 a.m. and therefore are billed for the Educare time with hot lunch included in the Educare fee. Lunches are purchased in advance and sold by the day, week, or month. All money must be in an envelope marked with:

Family name
Name and grades of children needing lunches
Amount of money for lunches

Trinity Catholic School has a “no child will go hungry policy.” Parents/guardians are responsible for providing a meal for their child at school. Free and Reduced Price Meal Applications are available through the office. Parents/guardians are responsible for all unpaid meal charges while the student continues to receive school meals.
Parents will be notified of the amount due within 10 days of the unpaid balance.

This institution is an equal opportunity provider.

Food is to be consumed in the lunch room only.  Food, candy, etc. is not allowed on school grounds outside of the lunch room during school hours.  The only exception is during classroom parties or academic classroom activities.  Gum is never allowed on school premises.

Birthdays and Parties

To prevent exclusion of some children, birthday party invitations will not be distributed at school unless everyone in the class is invited.

Flower / Balloon Deliveries

We are asking that you do not send flower or balloon deliveries to your child for birthdays or special occasions here at school.  We do not deliver the bouquets to the classroom as they cause too much of a disruption.

Lost and Found

Please mark your children’s clothing, especially the school sweatshirts.  Lost articles cannot be kept indefinitely; they must be disposed of on the first day of every month.  Bicycles should be locked when brought to school.


Parents are encouraged to visit the school, even individual classes.  The procedure is simply to call ahead for an appointment, check-in at the school office when you arrive, obtain a “Visitor’s Pass”, sign-in, and then enjoy your time.  We are always interested in your feedback!

Schedule of Liturgies

All-School Prayer takes place every Monday in the Gym at 8:35 a.m.  Once a month, a special All-School Mass is celebrated at 8:45 a.m.  Classes may also attend the 8:45 a.m. Parish Mass every Friday.  See the weekly school bulletin for schedules.

Calendar of Events

We prepare a weekly “Thursday Bulletin”.  It will be sent home in your family envelope with your oldest child in school.  Please sign the envelope and return it with your child on Friday.  This is our way of knowing you have received our news.

Other groups and organizations may put information in the school family envelope, pending school approval, and provided that it is submitted to the school by Tuesday, at noon.  Parent letter information also needs to be turned in by Tuesday at noon for inclusion in the Thursday Bulletin.

School Dances

The school will not announce school dances and parties held at other places. The school’s position is that these types of parties and dances are not sponsored or encouraged by the school.  The faculty and administration expressed that notification of an event would be interpreted as approval.  The faculty and administration recognize the parents right to determine if they want their own children to attend these functions  and believe that parents will find out on their own about the event the same as they do about other events which the school does not distribute information on.