FACTS Tuition Assistance

FACTS Tuition Assistance (The Facts)

● What is FACTS? The application IS NOT a government form and is used solely to help the school and parishes assist you with tuition assistance.
● Why do I need FACTS? You need to complete the FACTS application if you need any tuition scholarship/assistance.
When can I get started? You can begin today by setting up your account. Then finish the documents as you are able. Everything will save to your own account.
How do I get started? Click here to visit the FAQs for the FACTS Management site.
What if I don’t have computer and/or internet access? The school will have dates and times available if you need access at the school. Tablets, computers, IPADS, and phones may be
used to complete the application. Forms submitted must be PDF’s (we can help scan).
What if I don’t have a printer or scanner? The school is happy to scan, print, and/or send documents to be attached to your application. Please watch for available dates and/or call or
email the office.
How do I complete the application? The application is completed the FACTS website.  Click here to go to that site.
The application can be saved and you can go back to it to finish and upload documents.
What do I need in order to complete the application?
○ Copies of your most recent income tax form
○ W-2 for applicant(s)
○ Copies of items such as: Social Security Income, Welfare, Child Support, Food Stamps, Workers’ Compensation, and TANF.
○ Financial Information about house, car, retirement, savings, credit cards, etc. .
Who can help me with the application process? There will be times and dates set aside for
assistance. The office can help you. The following parents are able to assist you:
Maria Snider 509-279-3643
Alejandra Arias 714-721-1360
Suzi Castelo 509-990-1162.
The form is in Spanish and English. Also, FACTS has a phone number available 24 hours a day.
● When does the application need to be complete? March 31. The tuition contract will be available to complete when this application is fully submitted unless your family is paying FULL tuition.