Student Expectations


Exchange students at Trinity Catholic School carry the responsibility of representing not only their family but their host family. They also carry the responsibility of maintaining high behavioral conduct as they create, by their attitudes and actions, reputations that need to be highly respected in order for future students to be welcomed and able to obtain host families.

An Exchange student who is under disciplinary action creates, whether rightly or wrongly, undue publicity to themselves, their host family, and a tendency by others to judge cautiously future decisions about hosting exchange students.

An Exchange student who requires disciplinary action by either the host family or the school is subject to withdrawal and return to their home. The cost of this withdrawal and return is the burden of the student’s family. No refunds after the school year has begun will be granted because of a removal of a student for disciplinary reasons.

Disciplinary actions will be taken with Exchange students the same as they are followed for domestic students. Those rules and procedures are found in the Trinity Directory and listed under Discipline.