Educational Program

Diocesan Goals

The educational program in Trinity School implements the Diocesan goals in light of the philosophy of our school.  The following is the statement of goals for Catholic schools in the Diocese of Spokane:

Catholic schools exist in two worlds.  They constitute part of the church’s teaching mission, forming young Catholics in the faith and practice of the Gospel.  They also exist in and serve the society at large, educating large numbers of students, both Catholic and non-Catholic, providing alternatives and diversity in American education, and demonstrating the possibility and importance of moral and religious education.

This two-fold existence makes these schools at the same time Roman Catholic – serving one religious group and catholic or universal – serving human society as a whole.  From this two-fold existence and purpose flow the basic goals of Catholic schools in the Diocese of Spokane.

Sacramental Programs

The Sacramental Program for Trinity School Students will be administered with collaboration between the school and parish.  For further information, please contact your parish DRE.


Homework is an essential element in the total school program.  For it to be functional and effective, we depend on your cooperation to supervise this all-important practice.  The following are suggested time allotments for home study:

Grade K…………Family-Oriented Projects
Grade 1…………15-20 minutes
Grade 2…………20-30 minutes
Grade 3…………20-30 minutes
Grade 4…………25-35 minutes
Grade 5…………30-45 minutes
Grade 6…………45-60 minutes
Grade 7…………60-90 minutes
Grade 8…………60-90 minutes

Grading System

In Trinity School, students in Grades Kindergarten through Third are graded according to a coded system indicating where a student is progressing or needing improvement.  The code is further clarified by descriptive comments.

Grades Four, Five, Six, Seven, and Eight will receive letter grades.  These grades are based on the following percentages:

A = 95 – 100
A- = 90 – 94
B+ = 87 – 89
B = 84 – 86
B- = 80 – 83
C+ = 77 – 79
C = 74 – 76
C- = 70 – 73
D+ = 67 – 69
D = 64 – 66
D- = 60 – 63
E = Below 60

Student Placement Procedure

The process for placing students where there is more than one teacher for a given grade is as follows:

  1. The present classroom teachers give input to the principal.
  2. The principal makes all final decisions based on:
  3. Making classes equal or nearly equal in number of students;
  4. Academic and behavior balance;
  5. Equal or nearly equal in number of boys and girls;

Parents are asked not to request a specific teacher, however, in those rare cases where a parent feels the need to make such a request, the following procedure will be followed:

  1. The parents will be asked to submit the reasons for their request to the principal in writing.
  2. Reasons for the request should be of an educational nature.
  3. The principal will meet with the teachers involved and review the written request.
  4. The principal will make a final decision based on all input and the classroom criteria mentioned above.