On behalf of St. Joseph, St. Anthony, and Trinity Catholic School, I am so proud to welcome you to join the alumni association. Located in the heart of Spokane your early educational foundation, and formation began when you were a student here. Many of you went onto to successful careers, raised families, and impacted your community and world. For our new alums I am convinced that you, too, over time will see the fruits of the Holy Spirit working in your life.

My purpose for creating an alumni association is to connect the past to the future, and in doing so, like our Catholic faith which is steeped in tradition, continue the legacy in shaping the future for the new Trinity Catholic School.

Please contact the school for a tour of our new campus, or for any other alumni questions. Make sure to check out the links for all upcoming events.

Contact Information

Email: information@trinityspokane.com

Phone: 509-327-9369